Scope: Interior Design Concept luxury apartment building

Location: Bolligen, Switzerland

Client: SWISS PROPERTY Development Group AG, Zürich

Welcome to Q AT HOME in Bolligen, your special place of outstanding beauty and comfortable living. First to catch your eye is its stunning architecture, which opens in the direction of the green fields and mountains. It features a honeycomb-like structure that is dynamic and serves as frames for extensive glass surfaces which replace traditional walls.

This extreme transparency, together with large balconies, allows for the maximum amount of light inside the apartments and for the best panoramas of the surrounding countryside. Just imagine yourself standing on your balcony and looking out into the distance…

The interior finishing of the building has been created as a continuity of the white hue of its facade. Thus you enter the sleek contemporary space of the foyer characterized by a light colour palette and luxurious chrome detailing. For all of the Q AT HOME in Bolligen residents to feel AT HOME, the place features neatly landscaped grounds with a recreation area and children’s playground.