Elevator House

Scope: Interior Renovation Design to adapt the building into offices and commercial premises

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

Client: U.S. Invest

This is a historical 100m long building with limestone walls. The interior of the building is unique, old and will consist of multiple structure details, for example: concrete ceiling rafters, old graphic markings on the walls and ceiling and so on. It is well-preserved in its original limestone walls and the colonnade of the first floor. According to this, interior architectural concept was developed, which is based on preservation of historic elements and is clearly distinguishable from the new space elements and details. New interior trim materials have been minimized by using only black and white shades and authentic materials such as concrete and metal. Modern communications have been resolved mostly by visible superficial arteries. All new and technologically necessary components keyword color is black. Historical metal parts are cleaned and refined with metal wax.