An exceptional interior space can only be achieved through intelligent design, a discerning choice of materials, skilled craftsmanship and precision. We have in-house interior architects and 3D visualizers who enjoy working alongside our clients to resolve complex issues and design amazing environments where people thrive.

We stand for contemporary design that balances the elegance of style with the comfort of living. This involves optimizing the room layout, followed by defining the interior style through the use of architectural details, colors, finishes and furniture. The final touches are provided by advanced lighting schemes, textiles and designer fixtures.

All of this results in a beautiful, well-designed and functional environment.

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Kätlin Ölluk

Partner/Head of Interior Architecture

Kristin Boginski

Interior Architect

Lilian Esing

Interior Architect

Alina Undusk

Interior Architect

Mihkel Lilleberg

3D Visualizer